Six Ways to Get Women's Wide Width Shoes

Women's wide width shoes pose a challenge to many tall women with wide feet. For the most part getting women's shoes for this group of people can be expensive and time wasting. It even feels discriminatory when a brand does not consider women with big feet beyond size ten. Plus sizes normally start at size 11 and women's size 12 shoes.

I have had such problem since I was fourteen. It has made me develop a passion to always know where to find tall women wide width shoes. It is not easy but I have narrowed down to about six ways you can get large the large sizes.

The first thing is to search the local shoes store. If you are lucky some will have big size women's shoes. The variety will be very limited and you may have to settle for a shoe that you do not like, if you have no time, but, you can be lucky and get a good pick.

Normally the local stores will have a gorgeous display of shoes but will lack the women's wide width or big sizes. So, the second way to get a large wear is to get in the store and a grab a style that you like, then ask the staff in there if they can order for you a similar one but in a bigger range. Give them your contact details. If you are lucky they will try and do that. This will not happen on all stores and definitely most brands do not even go beyond size ten. However I have been lucky in some cases and it is an easy way you can try.

The third way to find women's wide width shoes is to ask friends, relatives and even strangers who have wide feet adorning beautiful shoes. Inquire from them where they get their picks and how much it costs. With time you have different leads and ways you can get your own.

Fourthly do an online search. It is amazing how many brands have women wide width shoes only in their online store and not offline. Make sure you buy from stores or vendors that have free returns. This is because, unlike normal size shoes, women with wide feet do not put on a given size, it is usually a range of two or three sizes with halves included. If an online store or vendor have free returns then you can do exchanges without any hassle.

Though this may not appeal to many. The fifth way to get wide width shoes and tall women pairs is to look in second hand stores. You may even get some new shoes there on a lucky day. Second hand stores stock all kind of finds, so if you frequent the stores you can get some extra wide shoes. The only problem normally is the shape of the shoes if the owner wore it for a long time. However if you need some casual or everyday sandals then you can easily get cheap large size shoes this way.

Lastly, the other way to get some big size shoes is to exchange them with your friends and relatives with big size shoes. If a shoe is pinching or too loose then offer to give it to someone who has big legs and ask them to give you a pair that is not fitting them. It is along shot but worth a try for those with a plus size problem.

It can be a challenge finding a good shoe, but there are some very nice wide width shoes from great brands. As a tall woman with wide feet do not give up on your search and always know you do not have to buy any pair just because it fits, do a search, be patient and give yourself a treat.

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