What to Wear for a Job Interview!

A lot of job candidates forget that in a job interview, your choice of clothes say a lot about you. In fact, it plays a supporting role and when played right can help lead you to your dream job. As a general rule, for both men and women, the best way to dress for a job interview is formal and a suit is considered appropriate formal attire.

There are some interview attire specifics for men that are worth keeping in mind when dressing up for an interview including colour, style and fabric.

Smart attire is the first step towards making a lasting impression. A two-piece matched suit is always the best and safest choice for men. Conservative dark colours like navy or dark grey are the best choices and give a lot of versatility in shirt and tie choices.

A solid or subtle weave pattern fabric and wool, wool blends or high quality synthetic fibre blends are also something to consider. Your shirt should be a solid white or blue and long sleeved. Dark colours or striped shirts are considered a casual look, so consider the workplace before going with these options.

Put on a good quality silk tie, also in a dark conservative colour. Opt for solids, diagonal stripes or small patterns. Include a plain black belt or suspenders but not both at the same time. Your socks and shoes also play a role in your entire look. Mid-calf or long ribbed socks in black or grey paired with a pair of black leather business shoes are most acceptable. Thick soles or boots should be avoided. Most importantly, all jewellery except a conservative watch or wedding band, are best removed. This includes any earrings, facial jewellery or bracelets.

The colours you choose can also tell the job interviewer a lot about you. Particular colours even project a certain self-image. Blue, from the interviewer's point of view conjures up calm, stability, trust, truth, confidence and security. It exudes someone who is in control. White suggests clean, purity and honesty, and, grey indicates sophistication. These three colours can be worked to your advantage... so use them.

When you're smartly dressed and groomed well, it makes a good first impression. Your effort in doing so compliments the person you meet and indicates to the interviewer that you respect both them and the job at hand.

Everyone is unique, so it only makes sense to stand above the crowd. Use the above information to help you express your individuality and push your confidence to make that lasting impression in your interview. It's the little thing that counts. Highlight your individuality subtly by choosing the right colours and style that reinforce positive impression, whilst remembering to keep it professional.

Good luck!


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