Which Shoes for Which Outfit

If you want to be a classy lady who's known for her good style, you have to know some basic rules. A few things that you have to factor in your decision on shoe/outfit matching are:

• Type of outfit (skirt, dress, trousers, sportswear, etc.)

• Colour of outfit

• Season

• Time of day

• Type of occasion (casual, business, party, a specific type of event, like wedding or funeral)

• Body type of lady in question, or what physical traits she wants to hide/accentuate

Rules for Classy Women

Fashion allows a lot of creativity, but most women need to follow certain rules:

1) If you want your legs to appear as slim and beautiful as possible, you should wear flats with mini skirts and shorts, and high heel or medium-high heel shoes with knee-length or longer skirts and dresses.

2) Long heels are appropriate for formal business meetings or dinners, as well as for classy parties, weddings, theater, etc. If you are a little plump, avoid heels that are too high because they will make you look podgy. Also, if you have short legs, avoid wearing ankle straps because they additionally shorten your legs.

3) Jeans are great for many combinations, because you can look good in them wearing both casual flats or high heels with straps.

4) If you want to wear trousers, you would match a slim and elegant pair with stiletto heels, while casual pants go well with flats, sandals, trendy sneakers and even flip-flops. Shorts go well with flats, flip-flops and sneakers.

5) When you're wearing sneakers, make sure you're wearing athletic sneakers with sportswear, and trendy shoe-like sneakers with jeans, pants and even denim skirts/dresses.

Conservative vs. Provocative

Depending on the type of occasion, you will choose between provocative and conservative footwear. Naturally, you will avoid open toes, very high heels, sexy ankle straps and similar provocative shoes for formal events such as going to work, formal meetings and dinners, etc. Classy neutral shoes with small or medium heels are the best solution for work related events.

Everything not related to work gives you much more freedom in the styling department.

How to match shoe and outfit colours

The simple rule of thumb is to match shoes with at least one outfit colour. If you are wearing green and brown, your shoes could be any of those two colours and not necessarily the exact shade. If your outfit is very colourful, the best solution is to wear neutral shoes (black, brown, beige or white, depending on what goes best with your outfit). If your outfit consists of only one colour, shoes should have a different colour. Wearing dark coloured clothes with turquoise, red, green or pink shoes can be very interesting and stylish.

These are some basic guidelines for how to match shoes and clothes, but if you are confident in your styling choice, you can pull off many different combinations, even those that completely defy these rules.

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